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Beat Tracker Pro

Designed for Arduino

Beat Tracker Pro

Rhythm decoder to integrate into your on-board applications. Our technology reduced to its simplest appearance and at lowest costs.

The board is compatible for installation directly on an Arduino microcontroller board. It provides 2 analog sync signals and 2 logic signals indicating the decoder status and musical mood. Plug & Play, it is very simple to use and does not need any additional configuration other than adjusting the audio gain.

​Beat Tracker pro is not a LED controller.

It only supplies signals to the Arduino below.

Light effects
Used as a light interface, it is the Arduino which is in charge of controlling the LEDs (or DMX), and therefore generating the programs, scenes, colors, etc.

We provide the Arduino source code as an example for you to customize.


Signals can be interpreted for any other applications.

Let us know about your experience !

With another card

Replace Arduino with a more powerful board, the source code will be reusable and you can expand the capabilities even further.

Arduino LED controller

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