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Next-generation automatic LED controller,

which integrates powerful music synchronization algorithms.

Available soon !


Following the success of the Nu Pixel, we are working on a new product even more featured at a lowered price.

  • Automatic and no need for technician

  • Acts in time with the music.

  • Line input or microphone with autogain

  • Can control up to 1600 independent LEDs at 150 fps (8 outputs)

  • Easy and harmonious scenography without using video.

  • DMX controllable

  • Effects editor software (Mac & PC)

  • MIDI output to sync professional consoles

  • Ability to connect multiple devices together

  • Possibility of infinitely multiplying the number of LEDs using signal amplifiers.

​This technology is a turning point for the arts and entertainment professions, nightclubs or bars, but also at home or in your fitness room, for dance or music classes.

Light will become an aid to learning rhythm.
If you are a DJ, you can use it to add an innovative identity to your set.


Compact, you can install it everywhere.

It was designed and developed by a dancer passionate about light effects concerned with the spectator's experience of rhythm and visual comfort.

Without power supply

The robustness of a LED installation strongly depends on the quality of the power supply. In addition, it will depend on the quantity of pixels to be illuminated simultaneously, and must be placed as close as possible to the LEDs since direct current has difficulty traveling long distances.

Read the LED guide to learn further. 

The Velvet also requires a small additional 12V power supply to operate.

Without housing, but customizable

Likewise, in order to avoid creating an octopus with numerous cables, it will be up to the installer to carry out his own enclosure including all the power supplies and the VELVET on the front of the box.

We offer, free of charge, the CAD drawing of a facade to print yourself.

You can print it directly or modify it to fit the rest of your box.


  • A rhythm well embodied in light becomes a unique and captivating experience.

  • Color palettes that express themes and emotions, unlike products on the market offering very saturated colors that hurt the eyes by changing color too quickly.

  • Unlike bright flashes and glitches that hurt the eyes, we prefer the softness of simple and harmonious waveforms, which embody the rhythm with a very rave dynamic and with a very high performance in synchronization because this effect cannot be achieve otherwise.

  • The refresh rate of 150 frames per second (6.25 times faster than the video) will once again soften the viewer's perception and allow very fast and very clean movements without pixelation. This is why we chose to limit each output to 200 LEDs (more than enough when working without video)

  • It detects and embodies musical pauses and repeats giving the impression that a light-jockey is in charge.


  • This automatic system does not need you or a computer to function. It starts in 3 seconds and a simple audio level adjustment will be enough to create ambiance all night long.

  • This system does not require video content which generally represents a long work and which requires to be renewed. Using simple waveforms limits boredom by focusing the experience on rhythm and not content. Pure, geometric shapes have always been a good bet.

  • In our system, each segment of pixels is sufficient in itself, whether straight or curved, thus simplifying installation and improvisation on site and making it possible to completely change universes without any need for programming.

  • To go further, an editing software allows you to edit effects and mappings


  • Makes LED scenography easier by downgrading from 2D to 1D.

  • Currently, most stages typically use LED mapping software with computer placement of bar positions projecting video content like a striped screen.

  • Even used alone, it will allow you to create a splendid effect on large areas without needing to think much. Simply follow a logic of symmetry and groups of 4 segments placed equitably in space.

  • Many other functionalities are detailed in the user guide

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