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Secrets for a beautifull scenography

Although this question must remain subjective, we defend the idea that a good ingredient is the rhythmic tracking of light using techniques that have until now been impossible to achieve automatically.​

Sound reactive

To date, the majority of stages have already found a way to synchronize their light effects to the music.

Pulses detected from a microphone or audio signal trigger flashes or effects.

Sound reactive
Multiband equalizer  bargraph

Multiband (equalizer bargraph)

This sound amplitude detection method can also be repeated for each bandwidth section.

Although this effect provides better dynamics, it still confers many disadvantages.

These effects are very random and cannot reproduce regular rhythmic patterns

A light console manages to create rhythmic patterns, only since you manually provide the BPM and the trigger phase, using the "tapsync" button on the controller.

BPM Metronome

Rhythmic patterns

Our products replace the tapsync button

Rhythm ramp

Rhythmic Ramp

​Once the rhythm is decoded, the information is converted into a sawtooth-shaped electrical signal.

This repeating ramp is the rhythmic representation that is provided to each connected effects controller.


This allows you to know at any time the position of the effect between 0% and 100% of its cyclical execution

Synchronized ramp

Even when there is a variation in pace, the ramp maintains perfect regularity, for the greatest pleasure of the eyes.

A ramp is able to generate a rebound effect​


High resolution requires the following rules:


  • Consistency of effect

  • No effect interruption

  • Performing the effect completely

The eye perceives the tiniest imperfections of light

MIDI Export

This synchronization is provided through a single MIDI channel via a continuous stream with value from 0 to 127.

Every connected device is able to read and use it.

In order to synchronize Arena, Sunlite, GrandMa and others, we also provide a Midi Time Clock (MTC) signal.



A second secret for successful scenography results from obtaining accentuated curves which give power to the music.

Obtaining or creating a dynamic curves can offen be difficult to achieve using effects softwares.

Without the use of these dynamics, your effects will stay lifeless.

Dynamic bounce
Dynamic pulse

We provide you some examples to create your own dynamics with TouchDesigner

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